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Film review: 'The Wedding Plan'


On the eve of her nuptials, a 32-year-old Orthodox Jewish woman named Michal (Noa Koler) faces the shocking announcement from her fiancé, Gidi (Erez Drigues) that he's not in love with her. But her devastation at the news is eclipsed only by her steadfast determination to get married, and she chooses to take an absurd leap of faith.

She refuses to cancel the wedding arrangements and decides to let God play matchmaker by turning up a suitable groom for her before her chosen wedding date on the eighth night of Hanukkah -- less than a month away. The premise sounds like the makings of a frothy romantic comedy, but as Michal makes her way through the dating scene, hunting for a permanent partner on her crazy journey through life, writer-director Rama Burshtein invests the story with a disarming emotional honesty.

Koler plays Michal with a sense of despair and desperation that can be maddening to watch as she continually blocks her own path toward happiness every time it seems within grasp. From a famous pop singer named Yoss (Oz Zehavi), who becomes a rather unexpected potential candidate, to Michal's volatile sister (Dafi Alferon), anxious mother (Irit Sheleg), and dreadlocked best friend, Feigi (Ronny Merhavi), the film's cast of supporting characters are vividly drawn, even if they often seem just as exasperated with Michal as we do. Ultimately the film emerges as a sometimes sweet and often idiosyncratic examination of belief, loneliness, family, and faith in life's infinite possibility.