Some say Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but we prefer food truck season, which is now in full swing. The next Food Truck Rodeo at the Rochester Public Market is set for June 24, so we wanted to check in on some of our recent food truck favorites.

We've openly swooned in the past over Marty's Meats, Le Petite Poutine, and Brick-N-Motor, so in this round-up, we're spotlighting four dishes from newer or lesser-known trucks. Let us know whose meals on wheels make you drool and why at

Pork & Mac by Cheesed and Confused

The Pork & Mac ($7) is not for the faint of heart. A hefty sandwich, it starts with thick-cut white bread, slathered with butter. Pressed between are slices of pepper jack cheese, hunks of pulled pork tossed with BBQ sauce, and a scoop of macaroni and cheese. Griddled until the bread is well-toasted and the cheese begins to ooze out the sides, the result is a wholly-satisfying mashup of comfort foods.  

The Pork & Mac sandwich is served up at the Cheesed and Confused food truck, a regular at the Food Truck Rodeo. If the Pork & Mac isn't your thing, there are plenty of other grilled cheese choices, including the Classic (white bread and American cheese, $4), plus tasty sides: tater tots or sweet corn cheese nuggets (both $4).

Keep up with Cheesed and Confused's travels on its website,, or give them a call at 519-8660.

Healthy Trash Plate by Effortlessly Healthy

Effortlessly Healthy's owner, Shaina Sidoti, says she's on a mission to "make it effortless for people to live happy and healthy lives."  You'll see this at play with Sidoti's version of the hometown favorite, the garbage plate. Her take, called the Healthy Trash Plate ($8-$12), starts with cubed and roasted sweet potatoes and fresh coleslaw. That's topped with one of several protein choices, which include beef burgers, Portobello mushrooms, chicken taco, and chicken-avocado-bacon. It's all topped off with a drizzling of creamy, flavorful avocado sauce. Add-ons, like meat hot sauce, onions, peppers, and bacon, are also available.

In addition to the food truck, Effortlessly Healthy offers a meal delivery service and, starting on July 1, take-out from a brick-and-mortar shop located at 1921 South Avenue. Learn more about Effortlessly Healthy at or by calling 254-0078.

Street Torta by Neno's Gourmet Mexican Street Food

Most people love a good sandwich, and it's only a matter of time until Rochester becomes more familiar with the most common version from Mexico: the torta. I fell in love with Neno's carnitas filled version ($7) at the last Food Truck Rodeo after taking the first bite from the roll. Just a touch crusty with a pliable interior and flavor that held up to the pile of tender carnitas, salsa verde, and pickled onions. It's hard to walk away from a torta and not be satisfied in both your mind and stomach.

Neno's also offers up tacos (3 for $8), burritos ($7), and tostadas (3 for $8) served with chicken, beef, or pork. You can find where Neno's will be on its Facebook page,

Grandpa Banh Mi by The Bento Box

Featuring street-style food with inspirations from southeast Asia, The Bento Box has become a staple on Rochester streets and at Food Truck Rodeos with its take on banh mi, bao, and fried rice. The Grandpa banh mi ($7) uses BBQ pulled pork, Vietnamese ham, and the typical pickled vegetable, sliced jalapenos, and cilantro accoutrements. The chili sauce used instead of pâté or butter brings a sweetness to the sandwich that echoes the more familiar American pulled pork with a Viet twist.

Banh mi can also be ordered with panko-crusted chicken, pork belly, and tofu on the truck. Pork belly bao (steamed buns, 2 for $7) are a good standard option, and if you want to step to a flavor combo not as commonly seen, try an order of the shrimp potato chips ($3).

The Bento Box can be tracked down on its Facebook page or on Twitter @the_bentobox.

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