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THEATER | "Mammoth"


Kate Royal began the script for "Mammoth" while studying at SUNY Geneseo, and has since been workshoping and preparing "Mammoth" for its first staging. As is fitting, the playwright is now directing her script. The play traces the travails of three siblings who are faced with the task of selling their childhood home after years of separation, and attempts to explore the meaning and possibility of distance in the age of distance-bridging technology. Luke Martin, Emily Putnam, and Marc Cataldi will assume the baggage of family dysfunction in this drama about those relationships that are chosen for us.

Performances of "Mammoth" will take place Thursday, March 5, through Saturday, March 7 at MuCCC, 142 Atlantic Avenue. 8 p.m. each night with an additional 3 p.m. showing on Saturday. $10-$15.;