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SPECIAL EVENT | South Wedge Record Fair


Collectors, audiophiles, lightweight fans, and heavy weight collectors will all gather for the fall edition of the South Wedge Record Fair. It's swap meets, conventions, and fairs that fill the need in music to have something tangible to touch and to hold. As CD sales slide into the digital and download realm and toward pending extinction, it's nice to know shops here, like NeedleDrop (who, along with Hi-Fi Lounge, organizes the fair), support the full listening experience. More than 40 tables of rarities, collectibles, and albums you want in the vinyl format will be there, along with Rochester jazz gem Derrick Lucas spinning a sweet jazz backdrop while you blow your paycheck. I think I'm gonna need an alibi.

The South Wedge Record Fair takes place Sunday, November 5, at the German House, 315 Gregory Street. 9 a.m. early entry (for $10); 10 a.m. regular entry (for $3). Runs until 4:30 p.m.