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SPECIAL EVENT | 'Cultivating Creative Agency'


This weekend's "Cultivating Creative Agency" conference is all about creating a more inclusive space within the art and design fields for Black and Indigenous People/Persons of Color, or BIPOC. Through a panel discussion and plenty of time to mingle, the event is poised to create an honest, educational conversation about agency and inequity in the arts. The event is hosted by ALL CAPS, a group founded by Rochester-based designer Shelby Zink and Brooklyn-based artist Aminah Ibrahim, which aims to amplify the voices and prosperity of BIPOC womxn, trans, and non-binary people. The event's presentations will spotlight the work of three artists: Rachel DeGuzman, social justice leader; Sultana Isham, award-winning violinist; and Sofia Pashaei, animator and illustrator.

Saturday, June 15, from 1 to 5 p.m. at TGW Studio, 210 South Avenue. $10.