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DANCE | 'Awaken and Arise'


More than six months after Hurricane Maria thrashed through Puerto Rico, more than 50,000 people — US citizens — are still without power. And help from the federal government has been slow to come. Borinquen Dance Theatre, in its 37th anniversary performance, "Awaken and Arise," will pay tribute to those families preserving in Puerto Rico. The event is also to honor the families "forging a new path by moving to the mainland," said Borinquen Dance Theatre Founder and Artistic Director Nydia Padilla-Rodríguez — more than 160,000 residents fled the island following Hurricane Maria, and many have found their way to Rochester, which has New York State's second largest Hispanic population. During "Awaken and Arise," BDT will premiere a dance choreographed by Padilla-Rodríguez set to Marc Anthony's song "Preciosa," and the group will perform works created by two high school seniors, Ethan Cohen-Beckwith and Neyda Colón-DiMaria.

Borinquen Dance Theatre will perform "Awaken and Arise" on Saturday, April 14, at Hochstein School of Music and Dance, 50 North Plymouth Avenue. 7 p.m. Advance tickets are $20 adults; $10 for ages 12 and younger. 263-2623;