Update on the local election scene


Since it’s bound to be a crazy year in local politics, given that all five at-large seats on City Council are up, as is the mayor’s office, I thought I should let you know from time to time where we stand.

So far, we have only one firm candidate for mayor: incumbent Democrat Tom Richards. City Council President Lovely Warren is weighing a primary challenge to Richards, and local business owner Alex White will probably get the Green Party’s backing for a mayoral bid. White has run for mayor and for City Council on the Green Party line in the past.

Just a drop of gossip to add: my sources tell me that no one else on Council is contemplating a jump into the mayor’s race. That could change, of course. City Council member Elaine Spaull kind of danced around the idea last time around, and Council member Adam McFadden has been mentioned from time to time as a contender for the mayor’s office.

Looking at Council now, all five incumbent Democrats are running again: Loretta Scott, Dana Miller, Matt Haag, Carolee Conklin, and Jackie Ortiz. Known Democratic challengers are the Rev. Marlowe Washington, Tom Hasman, and Frank Martin. Hasman ran an unsuccessful bid for Monroe County clerk in 2008, and Martin waged a primary battle to try to win the Democratic endorsement for City Council in 2009.